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If you suffer with anxiety, depression, PTSD or grief, this group may be of help. I'm a writer for organizations that deal with mental health. I'm also have faith in Jesus' healing. I incorporate all of the above, because without God, I wouldn't be writing this right now. I focus in on the scriptures that have helped me. I have books upon books that are my "prayers" as well as "answers" (from God) that I am willing to share. I would love to get people together to share their story, their testimony and how God has worked in their life, OR --- how they feel that God hasn't answered their prayer. I would hope that this group would be open enough to even share a lack of faith, that maybe through our own experiences, you can see that God is very real. Anyone is welcome, any race or creed---Jesus welcomed everyone. Especially if you're not affiliated with any belief system, you're welcome to join us, we just ask that there are no debates or arguments about what we believe. If you are curious about learning more about Jesus and the Bible, and the works of healing your emotional pain through God---then please come.

It's really disheartening to see how much unaffordable mental health care is to the public. For one session, I was asked $200 a week. I'm assuming most of you who have looked for help found similar costs. They do have sliding scales, but I just feel it's unfair for those suffering with a real medical condition cannot get the same help, as they would if they saw their family physician. My hopes is to help people who are suffering, to listen to you, to be there for you and to maybe show you ways to cope, manage and most of all, rely on God. You'd be surprised over the healing that comes with this. I will also say, God has led me to open this group up. I will provide coffee, tea and some light snacks. You are welcome to my home that is located in a beautiful area---the same area where the rainbow photo is shot. It's clean, it's spacious and comfortable. This is a non-judgment zone, and I will keep it that way.


This is a FREE group---nothing will be asked of you. Just your presence!

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