What we're about

Welcome! We are a tribe of women who are deeply committed to or personal and spiritual growth.

We are strong and sensitive.

We are radiant and magnetic.

We are powerful and gentle.

We are receptive and generous.

We are loving and conscious.

There are several still and moving meditation practices that will assist women to reclaim their power, embody their wisdom and gifts, gain clarity and experience more joy and pleasure in their lives.

We are the Mothers, Moon Maidens, Crones, Medicine Women, She-mans, Priestesses, Intuits, Mystics, Goddesses, Witches, Life bearers, Earth Guardians, Wayshowers, and Keepers of the Light.

We are here to create and support a positive world-wide shift that creates balance, harmony and peace. We are here to amplify our unique gifts, cultivate our inner strength and stand as united and loving sisterhood.

We are here to lead.
We are here to live a fulfilling, healthy, and passionate life.

We are here to Be Seen, Be heard, and Inspire Change® in a unique way.

These practices were created to support the Rise of the Feminine Power.

Each week we will practice one or several of these meditations that will assist our personal growth and spiritual evolution.

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