What we're about

Women's Ideation Lab is a group intended to support and guide women in their entrepreneurial and personal endeavors. We will host a series of meetups intended to promote the ideation process and ideally propel you to create tangible outcomes.

Women's Ideation Lab helps bring women together to collaborate and brainstorm great ideas that can transform our lives and careers.

A note from the Admin:

"Countless times I've met amazing women who have great ideas, but never seem to put them into action. Just about every day I come up with a new idea for an invention/startup/business/etc... but the day-to-day distracts from a course of action. I've also found that when I surround myself with the right group of women...amazing things happen! All of a sudden, I'm re-energized, focused, determined and ready to act. I truly believe we can guide each other from concept to career, brainstorm to business, plan to product, dream to destiny!"

Join us as we start Chicago's first Women's Ideation Group. .

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Ideation Whiteboarding & Network

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