How to Be Happy Being Average & What's in a Name?

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This month Womxn Level Up will be remote (just like everything else in life right now)! We will be virtually hosted by Flatiron School ( A zoom link will be sent out before the event to everyone who has RSVPed.


Katy Farmer (, Developer Relations at LightStep, presents:

"How to Be Happy Being Average"

How can we be happy being average when so many DevOps strategies are created by much larger companies for much bigger problems? Understanding the limits of our resources and deciding how to concentrate DevOps for our needs is essential to successful processes at a smaller company. We will explore what it means to be average using the best example: me.


Kaitlyn Hova (, Co-founder at Hova Labs, presents:

"What's in a name?"

How to create a cohesive language between design, engineering, and product teams through Deductive Component Language.