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*This is a women-only group, so men are NOT invited here.
As the women of today are taking on multiple roles in the household and workforce, having a social life apart from this would usually be in the lower rungs of our list of priorities.

A mid-life crisis doesn’t suddenly hit us out of nowhere. It’s often heard that after devoting half their adult lives to the kids, many women wake up one day to find themselves not knowing what to do, after their children start living their own independent lives. Sure, it’s nice to meet-up with our usual social circle once every few months to catch-up. But what would we do with the rest of our time? Wouldn’t it be nice to meet up with a bunch of women to talk about stuff that only women can appreciate?

Call it a social support group or an alternative social circle, Wonderful Wholesome Women (W3) endeavours to offer a platform to women to create and develop meaningful friendships. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum/wife, working professional, entrepreneur or single and happy, we come together to appreciate and embrace our womanhood.

As much as W3 tries to facilitate the connections, we still strongly encourage every woman to follow-up on those connections made at our activities to deepen their friendships.

So do look out for our activities on this page at least once a month!

Past events (107)

Last Meet-up of 2020 @ Hans Im Gluck (Boat Quay)

Hans IM GLÜCK German Burgergrill

Let's Meet Again!

Cedele All Day Dining - Wheelock Place

Lunch @ Chico Loco (Mexican Spit-Roasted Chicken)

Chico Loco | Best Roast Chicken | Amoy Street

Year-End Celebration @ Wild Honey (Mandarin Gallery)

Wild Honey Mandarin Gallery

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