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Workshops, classes, special guests, activities and social events revolving around metaphysical, spiritual, holistical and mystical things such as energy healing, understanding the chakra system/aura, finding your purpose, freeing your soul and coming into energetic and emotional alignment.

All about the woo: Woo woo stuff.. energy work- quantum field technology, astrology, tarot, crystals, chakra system, auras, meditation, soul-journeying, dreams, spirituality, psychic development, spirituality, mysticism, shamanism, smudging, herbs, plant medicine, sound therapy, color therapy and everything else metaphysical and holistic.

Learn and grow with us! No judgment, only love. Some events are at my office near 5-corners in Orchard Park while others are at different holistic businesses, for example Metamorphosis Pilates, Santosha, Circle of Light or Lily Dale.

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Astrology Intensive: Learn Astrology in a day

Suzy Woo Spiritual Healer, Psychic Medium, Astrologer

Astrology Intensive - Here is the class you've been asking for! Astrology Intensive is a "learn it in one day" course. Astrology can tell us all about a person before we have even met them! Astrology shows how people communicate and learn. This is especially helpful when working with children. Astrology shows us what makes a person tick. We can look at the charts of two people and tell if they are compatible. We can tell if someone is a good candidate to enter into a relationship with, or is the right type of person to hire for a job. Astrology can show you the best type of careers for a person, what restrictions were placed and where your childhood wounds can bring the most compassion and purpose! What better way to learn then to learn all about yourself, with your own chart! Understand why you are the way you are. Get validation for traits and tendencies you have, because it's in your chart! It's quite surprising how much one can tell from a birth chart! ​NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! If you don't know anything about astrology except your own sign, or if you consider yourself an advanced beginner, and would like to understand astrology on a deeper level, then this is perfect for you! We will cover characteristics of the elements, planets, the zodiac signs, and the houses. We will learn the glyphs (symbols), and the basics on how to read a birth chart! Taught in a light, entertaining, simple and easy to understand demeanor. You'll have the ability to ask questions. All classroom materials are provided. We will have a lunch break at the mid-point, lunch will be provided. When reserving, please let us know if you have dietary restrictions/allergies. Limited to 10 people. Price to attend this course: $174 Options: You can reserve your seat now with a nonrefundable $50 deposit or, you can pay in full now and save $10. Questions? Please email [masked] https://www.suzy-woo.com/astrology-intensive

How to feel the crystal energy at Be Healthy Institute

Be Healthy Institute

How to Feel the Crystal Energy with Suzy Woo Spiritual Healer, Psychic Medium, & Astrologer Love crystals but want to go a little deeper? Join in for a fun and fascinating class where we will learn how to feel the energy of crystals. Think you can’t feel energy? This is the class for you! In this workshop we will learn about frequency: colors, sound, our emotional body, our chakra system and how and where we store emotions and memories. We integrate this with colors, frequency, and healing energies of crystals. You’ll learn first hand how to feel the energies of various crystals and other frequencies, to help you understand what energies (and healing) that you are being drawn to (or blocked by) at this moment in your journey. There will be MANY crystals and other items that we will be working with personally … EVERYBODY will walk away understanding how to feel crystal energy! And you will have a new understanding of how your body communicates with you. . No experience necessary! $35 Ticket link: https://behealthyinstitute.com/events/600-pm-how-to-feel-crystal-energy/?fbclid=IwAR34snaZL3gp1oNSQqMGrMSZB2YUUOgSOevfYSt6PjlwT8cuZ_1VRAnQPhc

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How to feel crystal energy at Chakra Center (Williamsville)

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