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Woo Woo Company is a community for skeptical hippies, bringing new, unique health and wellness concepts to Washington, D.C. We bring the topics. You decide what works for you.

We'll explore topics that you would normally see in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sedona, and beyond. Think human design, numerology, sound therapy, CBD oil for health, crystals, meditation, etc.

Everything we share with you is to help you develop your own intuition. As you explore the world of woo, discover the tools and concepts that resonate most with you and leave the ones that don't work behind. If we do our job right, you'll only need to look inward for the answers. But until then, we'll help you on your spiritual journey in discovering who you are and what you want in this life.
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Living a High Vibrational Life

MakeOffices at Dupont Circle


Everything has its own vibration. When we are at a higher frequency, this is where the better feeling emotions and experiences live. When we are vibrating at lower frequencies, we feel anxious, fearful, and/or negative. When you begin to live a high vibrational life, you live an aligned life. You're following your purpose and path. We'll explore how to raise your frequency through physical, mental, and spiritual changes to your life. Focusing on our boundaries and what we're allowing into our space. Understanding how to self-care and avoid experiences, people, beliefs, and more that deplete your energy. Good vibes only.

Crystals 101

The Glow Club


To complete crystal beginners to seasoned practitioners, the Crystals 101 workshop will dive deep into the world of crystals, covering the basic fundamentals in the mineral world. Led by Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Gemstone Reader and ASTARA Founder Mariah K. Lyons, this workshop explores working with for greater balance, abundance and harmony. We will cover caring for your crystals, charging/cleansing, programming your crystals as well as crystals for the home and personal use. Mariah's unique approach fosters the student's intuition as guide, while learning the fundamentals of crystalline structure and mineral healing capabilities. This course meets you where you are along your path with crystals and allows for a deeper understanding and relationship to the mineral world. No prior knowledge necessary, just a willingness to expand.

Crystal Healer Training

Compass Real Estate

Ready to take your love and knowledge of the mineral world to a deeper understanding and place of integrated practice? Join Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Gemstone Reader and ASTARA Founder Mariah K. Lyons for a Crystal Healing Certification program. This Level 1 Certification Workshop will dive deep into the world of crystal healing, covering the basic fundamentals integral to a holistic approach to the mineral world. Mariah will cover lineage and cultural history of healing crystals, science and technology, esoteric meanings, crystals for the home, as well as everyday use for healing the Self. Her approach allows for the student's own intuition to guide, while learning the fundamentals of crystalline structure and healing capabilities. Ideal for healing practitioners and beginners alike.

Work Wellness: Maximize Your Time & Energy for Better Results

Cherry Blossom Creative


As a new entrepreneur you suddenly have all the time in the world, but how do you manage your time? How do you prioritize which things are the most important to get done each day, week, or month? In a new work wellness series presented by Alice of Woo Woo Company, you'll organize the upcoming month during a session designed to maximize your time and energy. What will we go over? How to stack your day and your month so that you'll feel you're getting more done with the same amount of time. We'll spotlight limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals and focus on experiencing more mental clarity so you feel more focused. At the end of the session, you'll feel super ready to tackle the month ahead and understand better ways to work!

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Sound Bath

JRINK Juicery On I St NW (Foggy Bottom)


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