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In our professional lives and our social lives, speaking in front of others is just a matter of fact. Those that can with poise and confidence stand out from the crowd, earning the respect of peers and colleagues, and standing out from the crowd.

Toastmasters is a learn-by-doing club, letting members practice speaking and leading in a safe and supporting environment.

Come visit Woodfords Toastmasters as a guest and learn what were about, and even participate!

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OPEN HOUSE Woodfords Toastmasters

Barron Center

Come visit this special Open House meeting! There will be snacks and refreshments, and plenty of chances to find out how Toastmasters works, and what it would mean for you. Toastmasters is about learning leadership and speaking skills, and giving our members a safe place to fail... so we don't fail when it's important! The open house will be a slight modification to our normal meeting format. First there will be an explanation of how a Toastmasters meeting is run, including the roles (and why we have those roles.) Then we'll have 2-3 prepared speeches by our members. The speeches will be part of the Toastmaster education program, and are intended to practice certain skills. Each speech is then given an evaluation, so our members can learn from what went well, what could use improvement, and how they can best challenge themselves. After the prepared speeches, we'll have an opportunity to practice extemporaneous speaking, and our guests are invited to join! The "Topics Master" will call members (or guests who volunteer) down to the front. The speaker will be asked a question, or given a topic, and they will give us a speech for 1-2 minutes made up on the spot. As a guest you have no expectation to participate, but our members will gladly tell you about what Toastmasters has done for them. All you have to bring is your interest to learn, though some people like to jot down notes during meetings. Don't hesitate to message us if you have questions about what else to expect. The Barron center has requested that we part in the guest lot next to Holm ave.

Gain Confidence in Speaking: Woodfords Toastmasters

Come join us and see what you can learn! Guests are never expected to participate, but will have the opportunity if you so choose. During the meeting there will be 2 or 3 prepared speeches. There will then be an evaluation of those speeches, giving both the speaker and the audience an opportunity to learn from what went well and what can be improved. There will then be an opportunity to practice talking about a topic without preparation. Members will be called up and given a topic to provide an 90 second impromptu speech on. Guests are invited to participate, though never required! Members will be happy to answer any questions about how Toastmasters works, and what value you can get from it. We start at 7pm sharp, so please arrive a little early. If the door to the room is shut when you arrive, please come in anyway! The Barron Center requests that we park in the guest lot next to Holme Ave.

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