What we're about

This group is for everyone...and here's how it works.

We dance...outdoors, in nature....with our headphones or earbuds on. We all sync up our music through the Let's Sync app (which is free to download). Then, we dance for about an hour.

There's no blasting music, but you're hearing the music! We're all listening to the same thing, only internally. Peacefully. Warm and fuzzily.

It's a far out concept indeed. It is a very social yet private experience. It is almost a meditative practice. And you find yourself feeling great afterwards. You are going inward, while sharing in group energy, and believe it or not, you're working through some stuff while you're doing it (or at the least, you're turning off some annoying stuff that you might have going on in your life at the time).

We will have gatherings outside of solely Woodland Hills so keep an eye out as our calendar starts to load up.

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