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Woodlands EFT Tappers, Stress-Busters, & Self-Optimizers
Woodlands EFT Tappers, Stress-Busters, & Self-Optimizers
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Every week on Wednesday

The Forum Center

5055 West Panther Creek · Spring, TX

How to find us

From I-45, take Woodlands Parkway to West Panther Creek Dr. Turn right(N), go to #5055 (to Fallshire Dr.) & turn left onto THE FORUM center. Find the visitor building next to the circle driveway, ask the front desk for EFT or the card room.

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(Usually 10+ participants, mostly from non-Meetup sources) --- Topic: EFT TAPPING for INNER PEACE & HAPPINESS.
Feeling Sad, Angry, Anxious, Hopeless, Helpless? Feeling Pain? Did someone hurt you? We will demonstrate how amazingly quickly & easily you can feel much better.
Example Video: How To Heal Pain In The Body -
Welcome to come & test EFT, to see if you can get rid of emotional & physical problems & diseases, as quickly as many others have. We will tap together for anything you want. Bring your issues!
Come & learn a life-changing method! You'll go home with a no-nonsense practical tool that you can use immediately - Emotional Freedom Tapping (/Techniques) or Trauma Tapping Technique.
Note: You can use EFT tapping on animals, it works just as well!

According to Bessel van der Kolk the biggest diseases in USA = life-long effects from CHILDHOOD TRAUMA, which can be accidental, or from abuse or neglect. Note that EFT is an excellent tool, perhaps the best, to neutralize traumatic memories.

“As the ACE study has shown, child abuse and neglect is the single most preventable cause of mental illness, the single most common cause of drug and alcohol abuse, and a significant contributor to leading causes of death such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, and suicide.”
― Dr. Kolk: The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma
Why does EFT work? One theory: tapping may stop "amygdala hijacking" of the brain's prefrontal cortex. Another theory: tapping removes blockages in our energy meridians.

THE MEETING: we usually start with an EFT tapping meditation, testimonials and next tap along with EFT videos about today's topic. Last 1/2 hour we divide into groups and tap for participants personal issues, any topic, thereby also "borrowing benefits".

Remember to be well hydrated. -- We are a non-profit group, trying to teach & spread the word. No cost. Handouts. EFT DVDs -- Use all information responsibly, remember that usage of EFT tapping is voluntary & at your own risk.

Our mottos: "Try EFT on everything!" "Tapping in Group is More Powerful!" --- Welcome! (