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Work With Actual Real Estate Investors

The Woodlands Real Estate Networking Club is focused on Real Estate Investing in Houston and surrounding areas. This meetup is run by investors who are active both in the Houston area and other markets around the country. We are a very active MeetUp.

The Woodlands Real Estate Networking Club provides an abundance of resources to both new and vetted investors alike. We are committed to helping investors save time and money by providing exceptional services and products that we wish we had when we were starting out in the business!

What to Expect at our Monthly Meeting

Each month we put together information-packed meetups for our members and guests that provide applicable information from investors who are actually prospering in their markets.

• We are a positive group!

• Our primary goals are education and information sharing

• We believe in a mentality of abundance and are open with our investing strategies and techniques

• We welcome everyone who has an interest in Real Estate Investing

Participants are encouraged to freely share insight and tips with the group. Members are encouraged to bring any current or future deals for the “Deal Breakdown” open discussion. We have many members willing to partner up with one another on deals, and always glad to advise new investors along the way!

People of all experience levels will benefit from participation, and we always welcome those new to investing. We also welcome cash buyers, as members regularly bring deeply discounted properties to the meetings.

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Food provided

$25.00 Entry

Please join us!

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