What we're about

Join other explorers on our "forest-bathing" adventures, experiencing your senses anew and feeling a presence of well-being while interacting with nature in a fresh and creative way.

These guided walks are not a typical hike or a naturalist's talk, but rather a series of designed invitations and practices which engage one in the here and now of the natural world, foster presence, slow down your inner pace and re-enliven childhood wonder and imagination.

Being in the woods in this way, combining mindfulness and nature connection, fosters not only a deepening relationship with yourself and the more-than-human world, but also results in direct health benefits such as lower blood pressure, strengthened immune system, increased focus, lower heart rate, and decreased levels of cortisol -- the stress hormone.

Inspired by: the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku (loosely translated meaning "immersing in the forest atmosphere"), Amazon river basin and Native American indigenous practices, and the work of Joseph Campbell through the Hero’s Journey® Foundation.

Come join us as we create a community of Woods Walkers.

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