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For the Saturday events, I will post a suggestion for discussion so those attending will have time to think about it. Please feel free to suggest potential topics for future events. For this time, I have been thinking about how do we know what we know and how do we know what we know is true? (You may want to read that sentence three or four times to make sure you got it.) in philosophical terms, this is referred to as epistemology. Related to this, what is the distinction between belief and reality/truth, and how do I know what I believe comports with reality/truth? Just because we are meeting at Reformation Brewing doesn't mean you have to partake of their fine product. They also permit outside food, so if you want to bring something to share (or, since this isn't Cuba, not to share), please feel free to do so.

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105 Elm Street · Woodstock, ga

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Socrates said "an unexamined life is not worth living". Building on that, an unexamined worldview is not worth having. In other words, if a worldview cannot make sense of the world, contains inconsistencies, and cannot stand up to examination and critique, perhaps it is flawed. What better place to do this than with a group of "differently-minded" people?

There is no standard for belief or non-belief in this group; believe what you want without fear of exclusion. The only standards are respect, cordiality, and perhaps a bit of thick skin to be able to be challenged without taking it personally.

Please feel free to attend without formally joining if you just want to check us out before joining. Our meetings consist in asking each other about what we believe and why, how we came to believe what we do, and even challenge one another. We also discuss current events from our worldview perspectives, allowing us to compare and understand our differences.

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