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This Meetup is for photography and anime nerds! It is run by myself and friend/co-worker with me (Chris) being the Primary Person to Contact (PPC, I love acronyms!). I myself am a developing (hahaha, photography pun!) photographer with a particular interest in nature photography. I hardly ever watch anime and the closest I can claim I ever came to it was watching Avatar the Last Airbender (the series not the movie!) and Legend of Korra (LOK). But my friends are into it, so I am into it and want to try something new! Elizabeth is both the photography and anime expert. I hope we will both be putting up our pictures soon (and that she'll get her boyfriend to tag along (sorry but not sorry, Dakota, for all the future photography nerd sessions we're going to drag you along on!)! We're still working out arranging how we will get together to do photography (we live in different places) but I am sure we will figure something out as we get our scheduling established and as our group grows. :) Feel free to message me for now as I am the only one of the two who can be reached via the MeetUp. The plan (at least according to me) is to have photography sessions/outings by day and anime power hours (let's be real, no one watches anime in an hour but you get the idea) by night! Be sure to join and beat FOMO!

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