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Testing Web UI and Artificial Intelligence

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For this meetup we have two very different presentations from two great speakers on Testing Web UI and Artificial Intelligence. Once again, the meetup will be held at PCA Predict's office in Diglis and beer & pizza will be provided.

Man versus machine - Clive Hudson

How can the average human brain be so much more intelligent than the most powerful digital computers on the planet? After 35 years, is it all over for Deep Learning? Where is the value in creating AI systems that merely equal humans?

This whirlwind visit to a secluded corner of AI will cover four interrelated areas that might provide some answers: The human brain - a quick tour; Low-energy cortical design; Active entity models; and Low-energy language comprehension.

The speaker

Clive Hudson is a computer scientist and professional inventor. In 1979, he independently developed the idea of Semantic Networks that are still in use. Today he continues research in the field of artificial intelligence while undertaking work as a software and electronics engineer helping others bring their product ideas to market.

Wouldn’t it be nice to UI test before you commit your code to source? Richard Wilde

Unit testing helps us when writing any sort of application, however we often end up writing unit tests for small pieces of logic that don't really matter and sometimes miss out on the bigger picture. We tend to shy away from Web UI testing as the feedback loop is just too slow. In this presentation we will look at a toolset that gives us both end-to-end testing that aims to give us far faster feedback.

Welcome to the CasperJS a navigation and testing utility written in JavaScript, which plays nicely alongside PhantomJs, a headless WebKit browser.

The speaker

Richard started programming during the home computing era with a ZX81. He has been running his own software company called since 2004 and has a lot of experience delivering Microsoft solutions for all aspects of businesses. He is also the co-founder of Smart Devs a user group based in Hereford.

Waterside, Basin Road · Worcester