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Because Agile by Jon Astley

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Because Agile by Jon Astley


Being Agile is the buzz phrase of software project management in companies. But are these companies really Agile? And just what is Agile anyway?

Jon Astley of Tank Fairies (@tankfairies) will be going through a little bit on the history, explaining what some of the processes and methodologies (such as Kanban and Scrum) are and how they work, and highlighting some of the benefits and pitfalls when introducing or using Agile practices.


Very special thanks to Holiday Extras for sponsoring this meet:

Doors open at 6pm for refreshments and networking, before the formal start just after 7pm. Don't worry if you're unable to arrive before 7pm, we'd rather you arrive late, than not at all.

Following the talk there is a general discussion about the topic at hand, and more time for networking.

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