Unity 101 for C# Developers by Andy Clarke (@theMagicWeasel)

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Recommended by Microsoft for creating mixed reality experiences for the Hololens, Unity has transcended its beginnings as a cross-platform game engine.

So whether you are looking to create a 3D game for mobile, or have your sights set on a virtual reality experience for the Oculus Rift, Unity is a tool you'll want to learn.

One surprise for C# developers getting started with Unity is the level of integration with Visual Studio and how simple it is to add C# code to manipulate their Unity creations.

In this demo led session, we’ll go back to basics with Unity, creating a simple 3D game with realistic physics, textures and explosions. We’ll look at the fantastic Visual Studio integration and how cohesively the two editors work together.


This meet will be hosted via Zoom. The room will be open from about 6:30, so pour yourself a nice drink, grab a slice of pizza, and get connected.