What we're about

This meetup is for Tai Chi practitioners of all skill levels who wish to deepen their Tai Chi practise together.

Joining this meetup and practising Tai Chi Push Hands with us will help you to develop your internal skills. Whether the focus of your Tai Chi practice is to improve or maintain you physical health, further your spiritual development or develop the martial application of Tai Chi Chuan, this is the group for you.

As well as deepening your understanding of the postures in the solo form, pushing hands with others will also help you to cultivate the following four skills:

• Stick (Nian): By which you can maintaining a light (almost fluid) contact with an ‘opponent` without getting stuck or using undue force.

• Adhere (Zhan) permit an opponent to follow you under your control.

• Connect (Lian) maintain physical contact externally and mentally focus your attention and intention.

• Follow (Sui) let your 'opponent` lead, such that they think they can apply an application which instead, leads them to use force that you can then follow to their centre.

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