Discussion Group: Intro to Gutenberg Block Development


Join us for a discussion on the Intro to Gutenberg Block Development workshop!

With the WordPress community moving to online based events, I'm pleased to be part of a new initiative by the WordPress community that's aiming to make it easier for folks to participate in WordPress related community events.

Launched over at https://learn.wordpress.org/ the goal of this proposal is to create a pre-recorded talk or workshop, which folks can take at their own time, followed up by an in person discussion group with the workshop/talk presenter(s). I was invited to record my block development workshop for this initiative, and I'd therefore like to invite you all to join in the fun.

To prepare for this discussion, please watch this workshop in advance: https://learn.wordpress.org/workshop/intro-to-gutenberg-block-development/. Then join us in the group discussion, and bring any questions or comments you may have.

Even if you are brand new to block development and Gutenberg, you are welcome to participate! The discussion will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel, so if you can't make the discussion, please feel free to leave your questions here, and I'll do my best to answer them.

Intro to Gutenberg Block Development:

With WordPress moving more and more into the world of blocks, knowing how to build your own blocks has become valuable knowledge.

However, if you are a plugin or theme developer, you might not be sure where to start. This workshop will serve as a guide to building your first block.

We'll start with the set up required to building blocks, and then look at how to build a custom block, using existing block components. After that we'll build our own custom block component, and create a block from it.