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LEARN HOW TO BUILD A WORDPRESS WEBSITE OF ANY KIND FROM ZERO. WordPress made easy. Learn how to build a WordPress website of any kind from zero. From the fundamentals to the pro level in 3 days (12 hours of classwork in total) Daily schedule: 10:00-12:00: classwork 12:00-12:30: a break 12:30-14:30: classwork THIS COURSE IS IN ENGLISH. UP TO 4 STUDENTS PER GROUP, PLEASE BOOK IN ADVANCE. YOU WILL NEED TO BRING YOUR LAPTOP. We will do such things as: choosing the best hosting provider for your website; installing WordPress automatically and manually; setting up your new WordPress website in a right way; understanding pages and posts; creating and using categories and tags; building structure and navigation; understanding and choosing themes and plugins; connecting to social services and Google Analytics; optimising and speeding up your website; setting up proper security and backup system; learning how to update core, themes, plugins; adding multilingual feature; setting up backup of your website; getting rid of junk content; fighting spam; SEO for WordPress; mailing lists and feedback. AND ALSO HOW TO CONVERT WORDPRESS WEBSITE TO THE PROFESSIONAL ONLINE STORE WITH WOOCOMMERCE! By choosing WooCommerce you can easily create and manage your own online store in couple of hours and be amazed by how simple and powerful the administration is. It lets you sell anything — physical goods as well as digital downloadable content. At this workshop we will install WordPress, an e-commerce theme and WooCommerce plugin, set it up accordingly to your needs and deploy live letting you starting to sell right away: The minimum requirements for setting up an e-commerce website; How to choose e-commerce theme, installing theme; Installing WooCommerce plugin; Setting up the environment: Products Taxes Checkout Shipping Payments Discounts Uploading products content to your store; Customising your e-commerce website; Installing and setting up a secret weapon plugin for total customisation of your store. This plugin gives you access to almost every option which a hidden otherwise. Beside that a lot of tips, hints and checklists for you to convert “Just another WordPress site” to a professionally looking website. For more info please visit our webpage:

Barcelona Code School

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    Here we learn Wordpress by doing. We create Wordpress websites together, install themes, plugins, create content, optimise and manage Wordpress website.

    If you want to create and/or manage Wordpress website this is a group for you. At every workshop we explain you how to do your own projects. For example, if you want to build a website for your business, come to one of our workshops and we will show you how so by the end of it you will have you new website built.

    We have workshops in English and Spanish.

    Este es un grupo para conocer WordPress y aprender esta gran plataforma.

    La clave está en un enfoque práctico. Si bien el aprendizaje de Wordpress que construir sitios web desde cero con unos miembros del grupo así que al final todos tendrán un sólido sitio web Wordpress personalizado para sus propias necesidades. No tenemos conferencias, preferimos enfoque práctico para llevar su computadora portátil y vamos a construir algunos sitios web!

    En este grupo de empezar el aprendizaje de WordPress desde los conceptos básicos de la instalación y el desarrollo, a continuación, pasar a la personalización de WordPress, la instalación y la personalización de los temas, el uso de plugins, administración de contenido. En nuestras reuniones aprendemos algo nuevo durante la primera parte y luego respondemos las preguntas de unos a otros con el fin de obtener algunas soluciones prácticas para los problemas del mundo real. Tenemos talleres en Inglés y Español.

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