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Spring WordPress Meetup

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WordPress and 2 others


There were rumors for a month now that we'll have another WordPress meetup here in Ljubljana in April. Here is it, the official announcement: our 6th WordPress meetup (code-named "Spring WP meetup") will be held on Wednesday, April 20, from 6 pm on.

[Fireworks explode, glittery paper rains from sky, the crowd goes wild]

We will host 2 awesome speakers followed by the lightning talks (yes, this is new! more below).



David Klasinc - Best theme is no theme

Emanuel Blagonić - How WordPress Changed the Face of Croatian Politics

Lightning talks - anyone from the public can come and present her/his WP project, website, hack, code... You get 5 minutes, give us your best shot! You can use slides on your own computer if you need.
We have some little presents for people who give a lightning talk!



It is absolutely wonderful that these awesome companies offered financial support for the venue and drinks, so the event can be 100% free for you. Check them out:

Agenda: (

Optiweb: ( (


Wondering about anything else? Fire away in the comments below (lahko tudi v slovenscini).