WordPress Meetup - My Plugin


Hey awesome folks :)

We are back with the series of new meetups. The theme of these meetups is "My Plugin".

Basically, the idea is to encourage you to have a plugin on WordPress.org you can call "mine"

Here is the agenda of the meetup(s).

1. Facts and figures of WordPress and plugins market.

2. Who should have a plugin?

3. What plugin should I develop?

4. How to deploy a plugin on WordPress.org.

5. Importance of standing behind your plugin and offering support.

6. General WordPress discussions. Questions and answers.

7. On a prime location in Islamabad.

8. Pizza and cold drinks from us :)


About the Speaker

[Sajid Javed] (@SajidJavaid)

A Full Stack WordPress Developer | Happiness Engineer at Automattic.com | WordPress Practitioner and Community Enthusiast



Our goal will be to have a plugin on WordPress.org we can say "My Plugin".

I will try my best to help you on every step and walk you through it.


Why am I eligible to talk on above-listed topics?

I have a plugin on WordPress.org with 100,000+ active installs!

I have brought it up from the last result on the fourth page to the first result on the first page by applying different techniques and tricks that I am eager to share.

Link to the plugin:



How to RSVP


1. RSVP here on Meetup.com for this event.

2. Submit this form (Four fields only - required for security purposes):

https://goo.gl/QGgeUJ (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfxdiknsfUJa8r6oftLkDvkya01d9a1Z1fBwHSAEiUo4VzQww/viewform)

We have limited seats so make sure to confirm as soon as possible. Absolutely FREE!


Any questions?

Feel free to contact me - Sajid:[masked]

Or Danish:[masked]