WordPress 15th Anniversary + Lightning Talks


WordPress will be 15 years old this May!

On Thursday, May 17th, we'll join in celebrating the WordPress 15th Anniversary with WordPress community groups around the world.

You're invited! We'll meet to enjoy some refreshments (and maybe even a WordPress birthday cake) and celebrate 15 years of WordPress. We'll be sharing our party photos and love for WordPress with the rest of the world via the hashtag #wp15.

That evening we also have an open invitation for you to present what we call a "Lightning Talk". Lightning Talks are brief presentations of about 3-5 minutes. And the topic for the evening is "Your Favorite Plugin".

Is there a WordPress plugin you've been enjoying lately? It doesn't matter if it's very basic, or extremely complicated. If you love it, then spend a few short minutes telling us about it. If you're interested in sharing, leave a comment below, or send a message to Cory!

Snacks to share! (Water will be provided.)