If you are an advanced user (a WordPress "Developer") then join us on Sunday 5th


This is the first of our "Developer" Meetups aimed at more advanced users...WordPress Developers.

We will have 3 Lightning Talks of 5-10 minutes in length, followed by pizza and general geeking out time.

1/ Command Line WordPress with WP-CLI - presentation by James Collins

Using WP-CLI (http://wp-cli.org) to interact with your WordPress websites can be a real time saver, particularly if you are managing multiple WordPress sites. I'll give you a brief overview of what is possible with WP-CLI, and some of my favourite uses for it.

This presentation is aimed at WordPress developers who build websites for others.

2/ The Loop in WordPress - presentation by George

A quick explanation of the main engine that WordPress uses to display posts and pages.

3/ Web Project Management with Trello - presentation by Maeve Lander

Working freelance or running a small agency? Trello could be the project management solution you've been dreaming of! Get a quick idea of how it's been working for me in this lightning talk.

If you would like to attend then mark the date down in your calendar and send in your RSVP as we only have room for 33 participants.

See you there.

Rob + Maeve