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Meetup #6 at NOX

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Ryan O. and 2 others


We are kicking the off the new year with a Meetup at NOX Consulting AB.


We are aiming at having 2-3 talks and lots of mingle at this cozy meetup.

Talk #1 - Building excellent administration interfaces

Stanislav Khromov

When building websites a lot of work is put into the frontend of the site - with good reason! But often the experience for content editors and site administrators isn't given as much thought. However WordPress has a wide array of tools to easily make great admin interfaces.

In this talk we'll take a look at the ecosystem of administration tools available for WordPress, as well as the different types of users that are likely to use the backend of the sites you build.

Some of the tools that will be discussed are: Advanced Custom Fields, Shortcake and Visual Composer.

Talk #2 - A quick look at the Swedish WordPress community

Johan Falk

Last year was important for our local WordPress community, and we're excited for the possibilities that 2017 brings. We will talk about our current state and discuss how we can improve. We'll also have a couple of exciting surprise announcements!

Talk #3 - Maintainable CSS with PostCSS

Marcus Tisäter

It’s time for everyone to learn about PostCSS. In this talk we will go over how PostCSS solves our problems, how the PostCSS core works and how you can use it to your development workflow. Let’s explore the endless possibilities with PostCSS to keep a more maintainable CSS codebase.
NOX Consulting AB
Oxtorgsgatan 8 · Stockholm
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