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[COVID-19 Coranavirus Update]
This meetup will be an online event only.

This month we explore running your WordPress business.

💥 How do you get quality leads from your website?
💥 How do you turn leads into clients?
💥 How do you maintain good client relationships?
👿 What do you do when a client relationship turns bad??

Wil Brown - Getting Clients

Business hacks to get clients using your WordPress website.
Get leads, qualify them, onboarding clients, keeping in contact.

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Brook McCarthy - When Good Clients Go Bad

With enough experience, everyone has had clients who start off well before going rogue. They might go silent, ignore your requests for information, become unreasonable in their requests, or even refuse to pay your final invoice.

With a little preparation, you can drastically reduce these incidences while improving your professionalism, reducing your financial risk and minimising your stress to boot.

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Target Audience
Business owners

Meeting Link (Online Only)

6:00 pm - Join Broadcast & Welcome Notes
6:15 pm - When Good Clients Go Bad by Brook McCarthy
6:45 pm - Getting Clients by Wil Brown
7:15 pm - General Q&A
7:45 pm - End Broadcast

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