Ideas to present or lead a discussion about advanced technical topics, like programming techniques, integrations, etc.

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    • Thanks, Dave. Another trove of great ideas!

      8 months ago
        • It seems like Scott and Dave have covered quite a bit of ground with these topics. I'd be happy to co-present with anyone if they'd like to share the load. All the topics discussed above are topics I could present on as well.

          One of my favorite ways to build custom themes is using a framework called Foundation, and their port of the framework into a base theme called Foundationpress.

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          8 months ago
            • (continued from previous comment)

              I would happily present an overview of the current state of non-MVC HTML5 frameworks like Boostrap & Foundation, and how those frameworks can be implemented in Wordpress (esp Foundationpress). This would likely cover similar topics as what Scott mentioned as I use ACF in all my site builds as well.

              Another topic I might be able to present on is creating custom blocks for Gutenberg, but frankly I'm not as familiar with that. I'd be happy to dive in though.

              8 months ago