Pre-Empting Common Roadblocks When Transitioning To Digital


Join us Tuesday, February 7th at Linchpin for a talk by Digital Marketing Strategist, David Bradley!

Please note, this Meetup will be held on the first Tuesday of the month.


How can your audience benefit from learning the most common roadblocks across three phases of developing a digital marketing strategy?

In this presentation, David will share the most common challenges companies face when seeking to transform their business into a more sophisticated digital force, before their competitors race ahead online. The audience will walk away with the key to making intelligent decisions and managing risks that derail digital efforts in most underprepared companies.


About David J. Bradley, MBA

David Bradley is the CEO of Bbg, Inc., a digital strategy firm that helps companies find their customers online. As a consultant and author, Bradley works with B2B and B2C companies to strengthen existing digital efforts or transform a traditional business to incorporate digital.

Author of best-selling book, Getting Digital Marketing Right, Bradley has also published over 50 articles, been featured in a number of publications, and consistently writes on the topics of digital marketing and strategy. As a speaker, he focuses on delivering actionable insight, so the audience can begin generating more leads and cash in their business immediately from online activities.