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We are writers and readers. We believe in the power and the value of the written word and seek to help others to express themselves through their writing. We believe we are the keepers of the literature and the chroniclers of our times, and to do that effectively, we must write effectively.

Join us for reading and writing events, classes, and workshops throughout the year.

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Authors & Asana: A Yoga and Writing Experience

Wordcrafters in Eugene


Feeling unbalanced? Stuck in your head? Join writer Bronwynn Dean and yoga instructor Amanda Joseph for this Saturday workshop to get flow back into your body and writing. This hour and a half workshop, co-facilitated by a yoga teacher and a writing instructor, will help you connect to your stream of consciousness. Your work will flow when you are in alignment with yourself. We will do gentle yoga poses, writing prompts and guided imagery. This full-body storytelling experience is open to all. All you need is comfortable clothing, a yoga mat if you have one, and pen and paper. Members $25 Non Members $35

The Fiction Fantastic Awards

Wordcrafters in Eugene

Join us to celebrate the finalists of the 2019 Fiction Fantastic Young Writers Contest. With readings of the winning stories, awards and recognition, and a talk from author and celebrity judge, Fonda Lee, this is an evening not to be missed. Come revel in the words of the next generation of storytellers. Evening Event Talk: THE SLOW MAKING OF A WRITER: Fonda Lee (author of YA novels Zeroboxer, and Exo) reflects on lessons learned as multi-published novelist and offers up guidance for aspiring writers of all ages. Head to https://wordcrafters.org/event/fictionfantastic2019/ for more information!

May Seminar: Building Six-Layered Scenes

Wordcrafters in Eugene


What is Fiction Fluency? A naturalization of story structure. Write deeper, write faster, write better. Internalize story structure to the point that you can express emotions and repeat success patterns intuitively–Register now! at https://wordcraftersineugene.org/fictionfluency2019/ May Seminar: Six-Layered Scenes and Story Cakes Saturday, May 18 from 1-5 pm & Sunday, May 19, 9-1 pm In the previous four seminars, we've collected our motivation, mixed our characters, poured in their deep-drivers, and placed them into the literary oven of the scene. Once you've baked a story, there's assembling to be done, and it's important to sequence the layers and scenes appropriately so that the cake (ahem, story) can stand, and elicit an appropriate emotional response. In this seminar, we will be baking six layered scenes--with the following techniques: Opposition Pairs, Tactic Groups, Conflict Sets, Static Background, Dynamic Background, and Dynamic Foreground--we’ll layer these to deliver a complex, delicious shock to the taste buds in short, short stories, and then we'll eat them too! Bring a story to deconstruct. After all, you have to taste a cake to make sure it's good. For the analysis and revision portion, you are encouraged to bring your own scenes and/or short, short stories of less than 1000 words. Other Seminar Perks: *Saturday night dinners and social events *Healthy snacks *Easy travel in and out of Eugene *Private Facebook Group to stay connected between seminars May's workshop is the first of Fiction Fluency II: Control and Production The four-class Fiction Fluency II Series allows participants to recognize and build patterns of success that support reader experience in all stories. The series begins with small, controllable short-short stories and then adds techniques that will support control of longer short fiction and novels. Creation, analysis, and revision will be explored in each class. Take one seminar, a set of four seminars, or the entire series. Returning participants are given first priority for seating. Class sizes are limited. • Individual Seminar $249 • Seminar Term (4 Seminars) $899 (save $99) • Whole Seminar Series $2199 (save 25%)

Dialogue & Dialect Master Classes with Tex Thompson

Wordcrafters in Eugene

Join Tex Thompson and tackle dialogue and dialect (and get a manuscript review to boot!). Register here: https://wordcrafters.org/master-classes-with-tex-thompson/ The Plate Tectonics Theory of Dialogue Saturday, June 15,[masked]am-12:30pm When it comes to dialogue, a good scene is a 'geologically active' one. Like pieces of the Earth's crust, characters clash, fold, and buckle as they interact (and yes, sometimes even bump and grind!) In this class, we'll analyze the features of real human speech, and how to amplify and manipulate them to suit your purpose. Whether your current scene is as subtle as a tremor or as explosive as an earthquake, we'll craft dialogue guaranteed to keep your plot moving, your pages turning, and your readers on their toes. Dialect to Die For: Giving the Finger to the Queen’s English Saturday, June 15,[masked]:30pm-5pm When it comes to dialect, we often hear that 'less is more'. So how do you render a good Scottish brogue, or Southern drawl – and for that matter, how can you give a non-English-speaking character a voice that's distinct but still readable? In this class, we'll examine how to represent accents and speakers of other languages in a way that evokes their essence without reducing them to verbal tics, gimmicks, or stereotypes. Join us as we bring a world of authentic voices to life on the page - and also explore language-creation for other worlds entirely. Manuscript Review with Tex Thompson Scheduled time on Friday, June 14 or Sunday, June 15. Manuscripts are due by June 1, 2019. Maybe you've finished twelve revisions, and your story is a hot mess. Or maybe you're struggling to get to The End. Or maybe you’re trying to revive an older work-in-progress and keep stalling out. Regardless: if you need help, step right up! Tex will read your partial or full manuscript (complete or incomplete), and then sit down for a one-on-one deep-diving conversation guaranteed to energize, motivate, and inspire you. And who better to help kick your creativity back into high gear? About Tex Thompson: Tex Thompson is the internationally-published author of the Children of the Drought series, instructor for Writing Workshops Dallas, founder of WORD, and legendary literary fixer. With a passion for problem-solving and a bucketload of "red- penthusiasm", Tex isn't just an author coach – she's a fearless and friendly word-wizard ready to help you transform your story. Single Master Class $79 members/$89 nonmembers Both Master Classes $149 members/ $169 nonmembers MANUSCRIPT REVIEWS Full Review -- Up to 250 pages, plus 50-minute sit down with Tex Thompson $495 members/$565 nonmembers Partial Review -- Up to 50 pages, plus 30-minute sit down with Tex Thompson $150 members/$175 nonmembers

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