Thanks for the warm welcome the other night.
Since then I have run into an issue that perhaps you can shed some light on for me.
As I said I'm not a programmer and need to understand how things work from the mile high managerial view.
So my website is a WP site developed by a company in NJ and monitored by an adviser who specializes in lead generation for my industry in conjunction with the NJ developer. The adviser need to monitor incoming leads to establish analytics, he gets that from the contact us form.
But I also use a construction management software called BuilderTrend, that can modify the contact us form so that the incoming lead inputs data into that software.
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    • Well you can automate the export from BT and push it back to your analytical and marketing consolen needs

      5 months ago
        • Bob, could you post a link to the form so we can take a look?

          5 months ago
            • Sure but I'm the non tech so can walk me thru what i need to do to get you what you need to look at. If an email will work better to guide me please use

              5 months ago