What we're about

Men and women, today, have more opportunities and resources than any other time in our history to part-time, and full-time income through a home-based business. Today, with low start-up cost, free online training and support, and local meet-ups , like these, in your area, team efforts can make a home based-business both fun and exciting.

Our Work At Home Lifestyles meet-up meets every Wednesday at a convenient location in Columbus Circle for a brief 1.5 - 2 hours beginning at 6:30pm and ending around 8:30pm. It's all FREE for 1st time participants then $10 for future Wednesday meet-ups (unless your bring a 1st time guest, then it's free for you as well!)
Our format is always as follows:

6:30pm - 7pm Tools & Tips for a Home Based business
We introduce some great Tools and Tips that you can easily incorporate into any home-based business
that make it easy and fun to start experiencing a work at home lifestyle.

7pm - 7:30PM - Our Home-Based Business to Practice With
We provide you with an actual home-based businessmodelfor you to practice with that will give
you a real hands-on experience without. It's all FREE but you have the option at anytime to jump in an start making some actual income.

7:30pm - 8:15pm - Training & Coaching
This last 45 minutes is a training boot camp that includes a new topic each week, group Questions & Answers, and private coaching and mentoring sessions with any one of our team members,

Coffee, Tea, and refreshments are served.

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