What we're about

For years I have searched and waited for a writing group that does not obligate people to talk, but simply to work in close proximity to other writers. To my knowledge, such a group does not exist in Northern Virginia. So I decided to create one.

"Group" might be a bit strong, in fact. Think more of a rotating, transient mass of people who gather in the same place every so often to work, chat (if so desired), and work. Did I mention work?

This group is not for people who want to talk about what writing is like when one is doing it, or about how great or difficult or integral to one's personality writing is. It's for writers who write but are tired of being alone.

There will be no group requirements or expectations. You don't have to read anyone else's work, nor will anyone be expected to read yours. That said, you are still encouraged to work while in attendance.

I have not yet selected a venue or time for this. I am open to recommendations. If no recommendations are provided, I will select a time and place myself.

I look forward to writing near you.

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Writing @ Tarbouch

Tarbouch Restaurant

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