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Price: CA$40.00 /per person
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Join us for a fun day of Learning how to make Health fermented healing foods and beverages - we will be running 2 sessions

10 am- noon for fermented foods $40.00 each person


1 pm - 3 pm $40.00 each person

for fermented beverages Sohlea Rico of Guiding Positive Change

Hi! I’m Sohlea Rico, a personal development and wellness guide focused on helping people use their inner resources to bring their true selves fully to life and their unique gifts to the world.

I offer a large tool box of practices that help get people unstuck and heal body and mind. Everything I offer is based on my own in-depth study and experience.

My passion is to teach and coach both individuals and groups to make desired changes in their lives.

My clinical background as a physical therapist allows me to listen closely and make accurate assessments. Getting to the bottom of things and helping people make effective and lasting change in mind and body are lifelong talents. In fact, I’m known not only for helping to mend bodies and minds but mechanical things too. I regularly put on my tool belt to help others with their creaky bikes and drippy taps!

I have always been a seeker. I came into this world with an unending curiosity about how things and people work. In fact my mom says I was so eager to get into this world that I was born in 14 minutes.

As the daughter of a Lutheran minister turned peace-marching, granola eating hippy, I grew up with a wide diversity of people and ideas around me. As a result, I am opened minded and appreciative of differences as well as sameness.

Like you, I desire happiness and peace for myself and the world and I really have found these in my life. I am very blessed.

I focus on finding the fastest and most effective ways to create positive change at many levels. My experience shows that combining current science with ancient contemplative and spiritual wisdom and practices works best in making lasting change. The most important things are learning to love yourself as you are, relaxing and being curious to allow the universe to bring exactly what you need to your life.

I’m a dedicated lifelong learner. I have a Master’s Degree in Transformative Leadership from California Institute of Integral Studies ( and Bachelor’s Degrees in Physical Therapy ( and Physical Education from the University of Saskatchewan. I am a certified practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming ( and am a Matrix Energetics (

I’ve been a registered physiotherapist ( since 1988. For 10 years, I was a teacher of Swami Sivananda Radha’s yoga ( and I’ve taught Hanna-type Somatics ( since 2003. I’m persistent enough to have completed lots of personal development and body work courses over 3 decades.

I believe that people working together in community will help bring peace to the world and that the more of us that find peace in our hearts, the more the world benefits. I’ve lived my adult life in smaller cities and towns where people know each other and work together to create healthy communities. I support the Waldorf School in our neighborhood ( I believe broad thinking, creative kids are crucial to our future.

I live in the beautiful Creekside Commons Cohousing ( community that I helped launch on Vancouver Island BC in theComox Valley (

I’m a health nut and lover of anything labeled naturally fermented, local, organic, free range, pasture fed, fair trade, or wild crafted. I delight in being active in nature hiking, kayaking and cycling or playing in my kitchen brewing up kombucha or sauerkraut.

January 1st 2014, I chose my new name Sohlea Rico and made the change from my birth name Sharon Haave. The change was legalized Mar 7th, 2014. Click here ( to read an article about this important transformation.

You might want to sign up for my monthly newsletter to the left, check out my classes, workshops ( and private sessions ( person, Skype or phone) and read articles ( that may be of interest to you. Get in touch ( if you have any questions or comments.


Sohlea Rico is a personal development and wellness guide. She draws from a diversity of healthy living, personal and spiritual development practices and synthesizes them into fresh, practical applications for everyday life. Blending ancient spiritual wisdom with modern scientific and new paradigm approaches, she provides guidance and tools for people to heal, clear old patterns, gain self-awareness, and harness their inner strengths.

Author of “It Ain’t Easy but It’s Worth It: Ten Keys to Positive Changes That Last”, Sohlea has a Master’s Degree in Transformative Leadership (CIIS), is a Registered Physical Therapist, NLP practitioner, has studied and taught yoga and utilizes Matrix Energetics and other forms of energy medicine. She works with clients in person, by phone and Skype, teaches classes and workshops, works with organizations and stays open to possibilities and potentials.

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