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The interest of this group is films from the world at large. That means that most of the films we watch will be ‘international’ in some sense. If we watch an occasional American film, it would not be a typical, popular Hollywood movie. Instead we’re interested in films that are in some way ‘off the beaten path’.

The format of this group is that everyone who wants to come to a particular meeting must watch the designated film on their own sometime beforehand, then come to the meeting to discuss it.

In discussion we like to stay focused on the film, its themes and relevant tangents. Any information that is pertinent to the subject and helps to clarify the movie is welcome. Opinions based on facts instead of personal anecdotes create for a more substantial conversation. Therefore members are urged to stay on topic.

Please note that a priority of the group is a reason-based approach - rational and critical thinking.

We always meet on the weekends, on the Westside, at a café, pub, or restaurant.

If you're interested, please be sure there's a recent realistic photo of yourself. And please answer these questions, which will appear when you click on the ‘join’ button:

1) Please list three films that you’ve really enjoyed, recent or past.

2) Please list three videos, documentaries, online lectures, or podcasts that you've found interesting.

3) Though this isn't a reading group, please list three novels, non-fiction books, or articles that you've read in the past three months.


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Film: 'Parasite'

Vista Spring Cafe

Film: 'Holy Man'

Lake Theater & Cafe

Film: 'Pure'

Golden Valley Brewery And Restaurant

Film: 'My Old Lady'

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