What we're about

This group is for Silicon Valley-based creators of Fantasy and/or SciFi; novels, poems, movies, video games, RPGs, comics, and more. If you are interested in creating stories in the fantasy and sci-fi genres, you are welcome here!

We aren't your usual Writing group - we are more of a writers' support group and think tank; creating a space for writers to come together, learn something from one another, and be geeky about writer-things! Want to talk world building? How about character development? Tropes? Magical and technological systems? Self publishing? You name it, we are probably going to talk about it!

Our group meets on a bi-weekly basis (every other week) on Thursdays, from 7PM-8:45PM, with all of our meetings currenlty being held online via Zoom.

We strive to build a committed, supportive community among our members. We hope you'll try to join us for a meet at least once every two months so that we can keep the conversations going!

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Developing Interesting Characters

Online event

Hello writers! Let's get together and talk about... characters. What makes a good character? A bad one? Two simple questions, yet worlds for possibility open up for both. After all, evil doesn't equal bad(ly written), and good doesn't mean well crafted! So how does one avoid the bitpalls of a bad character? What does it even mean?! Let's talk about some good and bad characters, what they have in common, and what we can do to make our characters better (written). See you there, Maya

Catch Up!

Online event

Hello writers! Let get together and catch up! What are you working on right now? How is it going? Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? What about any other Challenges? What about personal (lower case) challenges - have any you want to share? See you there, Maya

Working with Deadlines and Goals

Online event

Hello Writers! Let's get together and talk about... deadlines. More specifically, how does one work *with* deadlines (instead of for them)? Let's share our experience, offer support and pointers, and see if we can't all come away with new insights. See you there, Maya

4th Quarter Critique Session

Online event

Hello writers! ***** CHECK THE START TIME: 6:30PM ****** We're adding critique sessions once a quarter for the next few quarters, to see how it works for everyone. The same rules will always apply. Rules: - Each writer can submit one piece to be read, and one piece only. - Each piece must be fewer than 6K words (not including title and, if needed, a short "context" intro). - If your piece is something other than a beginning, please include a short (very short) introduction which sets the context for the action. - If you submit a piece to be read, you ~must~ read and give feedback to all other pieces which have been submitted. It's only fair. - Pieces for review/critique must be submitted by **midnight Saturday December 12th**. Anything submitted after that, no one is ~required~ to read. Other readers are welcome to read, but not required. - Keep feedback constructive and polite! Remember, we all like each other here! - Only 8 spots open, so please - sign up early, and if you can't make it, be sure to remove yourself from the RSVP list/take your piece out of the shared folder. Where do you submit your piece? Right here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18VYeAe6JvQbaWCoSX1l8V7jqMObV64AX?usp=sharing Upload by midnight on Saturday December 12th! Best, Maya

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Kick Writer's Block in the Butt

Online event

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