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This meet-up group is for those who have a passion for learning and/or teaching world languages. If you already speak a language, other than your native one, you probably know that learning another language not only enables you to speak, read, or write to speakers of the language, it also opens up the world of a different culture and offers you a new perspective on all you thought you knew. Learning a language enriches your life and changes you as a person. Joining this group will allow you to meet like-minded people (language students and instructors), learn a new language, or improve the language skills you already have. The group organizer is Olga, a UC Berkeley French instructor, who is currently finishing her PhD in French. She is writing her dissertation on the relationship between men and animals in literary and non-literary sixteenth century French texts. She also teaches French and Russian to professionals and children in the Bay Area. In addition, Olga has studied Spanish, Latin, Italian, and Old French. Her dream is to learn Arabic and Ancient Greek one day. Olga has studied in three countries and she knows a variety of methodologies for teaching languages. She is eager to share her languages and love of languages with you. This group caters for all levels of proficiency, from complete beginners, who are interested in learning a new language to those who have enjoyed a long-term relationship with another language. If you want to discover a new language and culture, develop your language skills, or you share you teaching experience with the members, please join the group.

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