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Photographers, aspiring photographers and those who love photography from the greater Washington DC metro area and around the world.

I would like this group to serve as way for photographers around the metro Washington DC area and around the world to connect. In this age of pandemic, our ability to congregate is highly restricted. I hope this group can serve as way to connect virtually and, eventually, when circumstances permit to connect in person. I envision regular Zoom virtual mixers that will allow photographers from all over the world to gather and discuss various topics about our common passion: photography. I welcome member input into the direction and activities of the group. Members may, if they wish become Assistant and/or Event Organizers and post their own suggested events. I envision that photographers will be able to conduct online classes, if they wish, organize actual photo shoots, etc. This is a work in progress so things will have to be worked out as we go. The success or failure of this group will depend entirely on the participation of its members. I expect photographers, and aspiring photographers, of all levels to be welcomed and treated with respect by all. I am excited to see what a community that shares the passion of photography will create.

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