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IDEA OF THE EVENT AS PER WSWCF(World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation):

World is full of negative energy that is affecting our lives. We want to unite the world – all people without discrimination of their age, sex, nationality, race or religion – by helping them to unload their negative energy through exercising (pull-ups) and replacing it with positive emotions.

The Pull-Up exercise is good measurement of one’s physical condition, as the person uses only its body weight for exercising. It is a natural and non-injuring movement, which can be performed by people of all ages, both men and women. The advantage of the Pull-Up exercise lies in possibility to quickly exhaust the physical strength and unload the negative energy by substituting it with positive emotions for the work done.

WORLD PULL-UP DAY in 2014 is the first global event and thus will be the prolusion before setting the new Guinness World Record for “most people attempting pull-ups simultaneously within 24h” in 2016. We plan to beat the previous record every following year.

Regarding the friendly contest, there will be two categories.

1.NORMAL PULL UPS-For people who can do pull ups without any assistance. Perform maximum repetitions of pull ups in a set without letting go off the pullup bar.

2.ASSISTED PULL UPS-For people who cannot perform normal pull ups.Pull up assistance band will be provided.Perform maximum repetitions of pull ups in a set without letting go off the pullup bar.


1. Initial position: grasp the bar with both hands, overhand grip. Hang from the bar freely. Both arms must be fully extended.

2. After judge’s signal start doing pull-ups – raise up your body until your chin surpasses the pull-up bar.

3. Lower your body to the initial position.

4. While you are in the initial position rest at least 1 second before you start doing your next pull-up.

5. Swinging or jerking the body or legs to use momentum during pull-ups is not allowed. Pull-ups must be done as clean as possible.

*No age and gender discrimination. Everyone is welcome to participate and contribute your pull ups*

PARTICIPATION FEE-Rs.100 per person

To know more about WPD, visit http://www.worldpullupday.com/en

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