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World of Ideas is a celebration of great ideas that fuel great conversation and enhance the quality of life. It is a socially-orientated event concept for people who are interested in exercising and developing their creative intelligence through a game-like process grounded in essential peak learning and creativity techniques such as Synectics, derived from the Greek word synectikos which means “bringing forth together” or “bringing different things into unified connection.”

World of Ideas also involves participants in the art of Synoptic Philosophy which comes from the Greek word synoptikos ("seeing everything together") and when combined with the word philosophy, means the love of wisdom emerging from a coherent understanding of everything together.

World of Ideas activates these techniques and modalities through a process which involves players in a creative laboratory and thought-experiment that engages them in making connections between a collection of 150 Ideas which includes everything from Art to Zen.

World of Ideas takes place in Coquina Key at at a private residence Waterside South, just three miles south of downtown St. Petersburg.

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