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Exponential Technologies in Business

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Borna M. and Anastasia K.


World Startup Factory would like to invite you to a special edition of Afterworks where we are going to dive into the exponential technologies which are currently emerging.

Who is this event for?

Technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, business people, and visionaries who want to hear some ideas on how Exponential technology is affecting everyday life and business.

About the Speaker

Bobby Bahov is a tech entrepreneur with a huge passion for innovation. His background is in software development but in recent years he’s been focusing completely on business development and community building. He is the founder of Eastsource – a software outsourcing agency working with developers from a dozen countries in Europe. He is also organizing various communities focusing on exponential technology like Ai, Blockchain, and Space. Normally you can find him working on a new business idea and talking passionately about new technologies. Finally, he is one of the founders of Space Mining Technologies - a startup working on a system for resource utilization on the Moon.

Join us for a presentation and discussion on:

  • How is Artificial intelligence influencing our lives and how much exactly can we automate?
  • How is Blockchain changing industries and where are we going with it?
  • How can Space technology be used for Earth applications?
  • How is the Internet of Things changing the way we live in our cities?
  • Is Quantum Computing going to change everything?

The event is co-organized by The Hague Tech, World Startup Factory, Ai Lab Den Haag, and Blockbar.

Juliana van Stolberglaan 10 · Den Haag