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Meet fellow Sci-fi/Fantasy Fans near you! All adults are welcome to our SF Meetup to have fun talking about science fiction in television, movies, books, graphic novels, fanfiction, vidding, media, gaming and art. Watch Sci-Fi shows together, play games and travel with us to local/national/international conventions, signings, readings, movies and more!

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SciFi Read: Leviathan Wakes (I of III)
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As was decided during the Christmas social, we've decided to try and have a leisurely book club reading of a presently produced hardcore Sci-Fi novel. We'll be starting off with "Leviathan Wakes" from The Expanse book series (which is in the works to be produced by Syfy in 1-2 years) .

The first meeting will be for reading from Chapter 1-18 (pgs. 1-192). Location, duration of meeting, and frequency of meetings to be determined by those who want to take part in the Sci-Fi Read-Along. Please do share your ideas for all of the above below.

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The Matrix Resurrrections

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Park North

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