What we're about

This is for anyone who has an idea for a book who has a business, that wants to use that book to attract business, speaking gigs and change lives.

Take your idea and get published on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audible as well as generate a proven funnel that brings you perfect clients.

This group has been created by Simon Lovell - who started his publishing career at the age of 16 on national magazines.

He then went on to take a 13-page ebook to a six-figure book deal with Harper Collins UK.

He then later leaned a lot about the publishing industry and has written and published three books that have all helped him grow different businesses (fitness, business mentorship, personal transformation).

In just 3-12 months you can release an amazing book that generates business for your company.

Simon writes for Forbes.com and has been featured on Entrepreneur.

For Simon's latest book visit blackball book.com

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