What we're about

You should only join if:

You have known forever that you want to write.
You have ideas that won't stay quiet, that need to come to life.

Don't die with those ideas inside you.

Write Cafe is for anyone with reams of half-written stories, plot outlines, and thousands of ideas scattered across journals in boxes, in old MS Word documents, or in some electronic journal.

(Yes, you, and me too.)

But this group is a little different than what you might expect.

We meet once monthly. But we communicate electronically once weekly, for the weekly short story challenge.

We each get a "bento box" of sorts (via email. it's not an actual box) on a Sunday. The "box" contains elements that must be woven into the story that you write.

We have 7 days to turn it into something beautiful.

We compete against 2 others who have the same bento box.

During that week, in addition to writing your story, you will read 2 other stories, and choose your favorite (you may also leave written feedback, but the feedback will be moderated before the author sees it).

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