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Have you ever seen a movie adaptation and thought "I wonder what the book was like?"

Or read a book and thought "that would be an incredible film".

Maybe you've seen great films that weren't good books, or (more likely) read incredible, yet un-filmable books.

In the Write, Camera, Action book club we critique a book that has been adapted for the silver screen. We discuss whether the adaptation was successful and which medium told the story best. What was the most successful aspect of the book's translation? What didn't work so well?

This book group meets once per month, during the evening of the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:30pm. The location can move around each month but will usually aim to be in a gastro-pub so that you have the choice of dinner and a variety of beverages.

Each meet up will be light-hearted and fun. Anyone and everyone is welcome. It's obviously easier to join in if you've both read the book and seen the film, but don't worry if you don't manage both every month. You're still encouraged to join us for a drink!

There are membership dues of £5 per year. This is only to cover the meetup.com fees, and you don't have to pay them until you attend a meetup. Any extra will go towards some snacks at the next month's meetup.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


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