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We are all experts in the human experience, therefore anything we write on this topic cannot be "wrong." Personal insight is resilient to the voice of doubt, judgement, and impervious to imposter syndrome. First-hand experience with life is uniquely our own, however, once written it is a powerful way to connect and relate to others. The Write Insight group is a safe place to write your truth. It is a community of aspiring and experienced writers who integrate the internal world into their writing (not restricted to a genre). It is a time and place to write consistently, learn, share resources, and commiserate.

Join the online meeting to write or journal in the company of others in your local community. After an hour, we do a round of introductions/discussion. The meeting ends with an open invitation for anyone to do a brief reading of their work. You are encouraged but not expected to share your writing. Feedback is given only upon request. See below for our approach to reading.

1) Sharing one's writing is a vulnerable act. As such, assume the writer does not want feedback unless specifically requested. Clarifying questions and sharing what resonated with you (i.e. "I can relate to...") is okay.

2) We use trigger warnings. We write about all facets of the human experience and often share this writing. We consider the mental health of our fellow members. Before reading, simply let the group know the topic of the content. The idea is to give those who are sensitive to these subjects the choice of listening.

I welcome opportunities to work with local authors and technical experts. Direct message the organizer, Gala, if you would like to organize a special event.

Write Insight does not charge for events but welcomes donations to support Meetup fees, special events, and general running-of-the-things. Donate here: http://paypal.me/writeinsight .

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