Revision Group


Submission Deadline: Saturday, July 27, 2019 Midnight

Send submissions to [masked] (Clem). Submissions must include: Author Name, Genre, Title of Piece, Date of Meeting, and the genres you'd be interested in revising. Please include a brief synopsis paragraph of your story so far in the submission.

1. What kind of revising/editing are we doing?Any type that you are called to do. The more you put down, good and bad, the more the author has to work with and update their piece.

2. How many pieces will we read/revise? 4-5 depending on the number of people that RSVP to the group.

3. Can I turn in my submission late? No. This is because we want to give everyone enough time to read/revise without having new work added last minute.

4. Why can't I revise in the Google Doc?Right now, we don't have a better method of working with such a large group. Inevitably, someone ends up editing the original instead of making a copy and then we're forced to keep adding clean copies for others. Suggestions on better ways to do this in the future are welcome.

5. Why has my pdf been converted into a Google doc? Some people don't have Adobe Acrobat and cannot convert the PDF to a word doc in order to read it.

Group Description: Serving those that are in need of new eyes and new opinions on their work, the Revision Group is the perfect setting to find interested, honest readers to help any writer revise their manuscript. The intention of the group is to allow space for authors to gain more in-depth critics of their work while also learning about the readability and understanding from the perspective of the reader. Feedback on any given piece will consist of continuity, plot, character development, flow, and other major aspects that could have been missed because the pieces are so close to the authors’ hearts.

Critiquing will be divided into groups of four based on genre. Each author may submit up to 2000 words of double-spaced work at least 10 days before the next group meeting to give the other members a chance to read and review before the meeting time arrives.

Submit work to [masked] and in your email please note your name and genre. All work will be kept private between the participants of the group. Please, RSVP and/or let us know if plans change so we have a chance to rearrange if necessary. All participants will get a discount of 20% off at the cafe.

Teaspressa is just across from the DTE building on Main street. There is street parking that is free after 6pm and a parking lot across the street that is free after 5pm.

If you have questions, please contact Clem or Lexi. Suggested donation is $5. We appreciate your participation in this new event!