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What we’re about

Women, trans, and non-binary coders, let's take your career to the next level! Polish your skills and fully own your expertise through writing, speaking, and open source software development.

Our community is open to and our content is designed for people whose gender or gender history is marginalized within tech. We define those gender groups as:

- All women technologists (trans, non-binary, and cis)
- All trans technologists (trans women, trans men, and trans non-binary folks)
- All non-binary technologists (including GNC, gender-fluid, genderqueer, agender folks, etc)

All attendees, speakers, mentors, etc., are expected to abide by the Write/Speak/Code Code of Conduct.

To be an inclusive environment we ask that all attendees use gender neutral language, introduce themselves with their pronouns, and respect others' pronouns (intro to pronouns PDF (

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