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Mixing things up: Playing with form in technical writing with Karl Beecher

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# Description

Software writing has a reputation for being staid and stuffy. It's hard to counter that impression by pointing to a typical computing bookshelf.

Dry and factual literature is fine, but what about experimenting and playing with form to produce quirky and unusual types of work? Could we do a lot more in this regard?

In this talk, I'd like to argue that technical writing in software could (and should) be a lot more creative and playful, and that there are numerous examples to inspire us from other fields.

# Bio

Karl Beecher lives a double life as a writer and software specialist. In the past, he has worked as a software engineer and earned a PhD in computer science. Today, he focuses on writing about science and technology. He likes to take meaty, complex ideas and present them in ways that are easy to understand.

He has written three books. The latest, "Bad Programming Practices 101:
Become a Better Coder by Learning How (Not) to Program", is a humorous slant on the programming practice manual that reverses the usual approach: under the pretence of teaching you how to become a poor programmer, the book actually teaches you how to avoid bad programming habits.