Process first! - WTD Brussels May 2018

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There are a lot of small and medium enterprises out there founded by engineers who lack sufficient resources to produce strong documentation, where technical communication isn't really understood. One goal of this meetup is to bring together people with disparate roles who can benefit from associating with each other, to connect developers/solution engineers/PMs who realize they are facing communications challenges and technical writers learning more about their practice, and help them see how they can learn from each other.

Our May event will include two talks:

*Why every IT professional needs to understand technical communication*–Dmitry Sednev

My experience working in a variety of roles in software development informed my approach to technical writing, and my technical writing has changed my approach to other aspects of IT. In this talk, I’ll share what I’ve learned about the importance of technical communication throughout the software lifecycle. The intended audience for this meetup includes people in many different technical roles who may know that they need help with technical communication but don't know how to make a case for additional resources. This presentation will provide talking points that can be used when making a case to management.

Bio: Dmitry is the Product Owner for software licensing at a 3D printing company near Brussels. He has twenty years of experience in IT, much of it in software quality assurance, and has also worked as a technical writer, project manager, and software developer.

*The math of tool selection*–Val Grimm

When you're unhappy with your current technical communications toolset, it can be a challenge to determine if this is the right moment to make a change, and which direction to go in. In small or medium-sized organizations that have only a handful of technical writers, or no technical writers at all, you need to carefully determine your end goals, your current needs, and what you can realistically accomplish with the resources you have. You should also take stock of which departments around the company you need to connect with (from IT to marketing) and which environmental factors may help you make a case for increased resources, such as new partnerships or regulatory requirements (like SOX and GDPR). This talk will help you prepare to bring about real change in the way you work.

Bio: Val is a technical communicator in the IT department of a multinational company, producing training materials for business processes and systems.

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As always, newcomers heartily welcome. Please see our code of conduct on the Our Group description.

Thank you to our host Hive5 (, especially their director Gaël Van Gijsegem,a and their communications director Zoltán Jánosi, who facilitated this!

More about our host: "At Hive5, we believe coworking is a lot more than nice desks in an inspiring environment. We believe coworking is about building a vibrant community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs. And we commit ourselves to making that community thrive and grow! We are also convinced that a coworking hive like ours has a lot to gain from staying open to outside meetings and events. Because they help promote our space, but also because they bring new networking opportunities for our members and our external visitors."

*Forthcoming dates*
Next meetups - late June 2018, September 2018, November 2018