What we're about

Write and Pint is a warm and friendly social group for writers and non-writers alike.

It's a relaxed creative writing workshop and a great opportunity to get to know new people by sharing creative ideas over a drink ( ... or two).

We hold our sessions once a week in the upstairs room of one of London’s most historic and characterful pubs.

Come inside (6:30pm) and get yourself a drink at the bar. Make your way upstairs and find a seat (7:00pm). Say hello to some lovely people, help yourself to the free snacks, then get out your notebook and pen and let the ideas flow with the beer/wine/lime and soda.

Your session leader, Sean, is an experienced creative writing teacher with a degree in creative writing, a masters in literature, and fair bit of experience drinking good beer!

Sean will take you through a series of quick, fun writing games and exercises that will help your writing flow.

You’ll never have to read your work in front of the group. You can just relax. The focus here is on fun.

If you're a serious writer, the sessions are also great for finding new inspiration and mining for new ideas.

But no previous experience of writing is necessary. So if you haven’t put pen to paper in a creative way since primary school, this group is for you, too.

At the end of each session you’ll go home with that lovely warm feeling that comes from sharing a drink and some new ideas among friends.

You’ll also have a free Penguin book to take home with you to give you extra inspiration between sessions.

If you like, you can even join the crew afterwards for a drink and a chat in the pub downstairs before you go home.

Can’t wait to see you there.


Upcoming events (3)

Desire, Love and Sexuality + Creative Writing: the ALL DAY SESH!

Hi there, If you're free on Saturday, 4th of May, come and join us for a full day of prose fiction writing. We'll be focusing on Desire, Love and Sexuality, in fiction writing, and we'll offer you the opportunity to publish in our online journal (though, of course, you will not need to do this, if you'd prefer to keep your writing to yourself!). Included in this event is: 1 x free breakfast 1 x free tea of coffee 1 x free book 1 x 2-hour writing workshop on desire, love and sexuality 1 x handout of numerous excellent examples of this kind of writing 1 x lunch break 3 x 40-minute writing sessions This event is great for absolute beginners. No experience necessary. No pressure to read your work in front of the group. It is also excellent for anybody, of any level, seeking to hone their writing skills. Whilst we'll be focusing on desire, love, and sexuality, the styles and the refinement of language you'll be learning here will have an incredible effect on your ability to produce compelling fiction, in general! ***THERE WILL NEVER BE ANY PRESSURE TO READ YOUR WORK ALOUD IN FRONT OF THE GROUP*** At 6pm, when the event finishes, we'll invite you to join us for a drink in a nearby bar (though this is by no means compulsory, and you're more than welcome to just come along for the writing!). As always, you can follow us on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/writeandpint/) You can also book with us directly (www.writeandpint.com) And you can even text or Whatsapp up on[masked] if you have any questions, or would like to be added to our WhatsApp community for updates. Can't wait to hear from you soon! Cheers! Sean :) ***PLEASE NOTE: there is officially a no refund policy for this event. However, if you cancel a number of days in advance and we're able to refill your space, we will indeed refund you. Similarly, moving a cancelled RSVP over to a future event is contingent upon being able to refill the space that you vacate.

**FREE** Meet other writers, hang out, have a drink, talk literature :)

Hi there, Please come along for FREE to A Write & a Pint's regular social event. Meet us at 7:00pm in Old Street, at the address shown. This is a perfect opportunity to meet other people like yourself, who are doing their best to get into writing. Whether you're a complete beginner or a published author, this event is for you. We won't be having a class or a workshop; it's just a chance to drink, chat, mingle, have some fun, and - who knows - maybe share some ideas with the person stood next to you! Feel free to txt me on:[masked] if you have any questions. I'd love to hear from you. Sean :) P.S. please also txt me if you'd like to be added to our WhatsApp community for updates about courses, workshops, competitions, and other social events.

Writing & Speaking for Confidence (+ breakfast, a tea/coffee, and a free book!)

Hi everybody! This is a super cosy, therapeutic, all-day event for people who would like to enhance their confidence and explore their creative side! It is hosted in conjunction with the London Shyness Social Group. We will arrive at 10:45am and say hello to some new friendly faces, before we sit down to have breakfast together at 11am. There will be no big introductions - no talking in front of the group - just a friendly hello from your host and a breakfast of your choice! After breakfast, we'll do a 2-hour workshop: a handful of short, tried-and-tested therapeutic writing exercises. We'll be working with "narrative therapy", using exercises from "Your Brain on Ink", by Deborah Ross, and "Journal to the Self", by Kathleen Adams. As such, we'll be doing exercises that are specifically designed to facilitate your self-confidence. ***YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO READ OR SHARE YOUR WORK ALOUD WITH THE GROUP - NEITHER WILL YOU EVER BE PRESSURED TO SPEAK IN FRONT OF THE GROUP. MOST OF OUR WORK HERE WILL BE DONE IN PAIRS, AND EVEN THEN YOU ARE WELCOME TO KEEP YOUR WORK TO YOURSELF*** After the 2-hour workshop, we'll take a 1-hour lunch break, where you can rest, take a walk, clear your head, call a friend, have a chat with somebody in the group - whatever it is you feel like doing at the time. We'll then reconvene at approx. 2pm for the afternoon session. In the afternoon session, you will be invited to partake in some fun, relaxed, no-pressure public speaking exercises. ***YOU WILL NEVER BE PRESSURED TO PARTAKE IN ANYTHING YOU DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH. IF WE REACH THIS POINT IN THE DAY AND YOU WOUD LIKE TO SIMPLY SIT AND OBSERVE, THAT IS COMPLETELY FINE WITH US, BUT THE OPPORTUNITY IS THERE FOR YOU, IF YOU'D LIKE TO PUSH YOURSELF. WE PROMISE, YOU ARE MORE THAN OK TO SIT AND OBSERVE***. At the end of the day (5pm), we will invite you to stay for a quiet drink and a chat, but only if you feel like it, to celebrate everything you've managed to achieve! Included in this event is: 1. A free breakfast 2. A free tea or coffee 3. A free book 4. A 2-hour workshop on "narrative therapy" and creative writing 5. A relaxed, friendly "public speaking" session 6. The opportunity to stay behind after and celebrate with a drink and make some new friends! ...... This event is run by Sean from A Write & a Pint: a fun, friendly creative writing community, based in London. Sean has been hosting confidence building workshops, as well as creative writing workshops, for approx. 3 years, and is highly aware of the fears and anxieties people attending these events might have. Sean will be here as a support and a guide and will never push you any further than you wish to go on the day. ***Please note: there is officially a no refund policy for this event. However, if you cancel a number of days in advance and we're able to refill your space, we will indeed refund you. Similarly, moving a cancelled RSVP over to a future event is contingent upon being able to refill the space that you vacate.

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