What we're about

Write and Pint is a warm and friendly social group for writers and non-writers alike.

It's a relaxed creative writing workshop and a great opportunity to get to know new people by sharing creative ideas over a drink ( ... or two).

We hold our sessions once a week in the upstairs room of one of London’s most historic and characterful pubs.

Come inside (6:30pm) and get yourself a drink at the bar. Make your way upstairs and find a seat (7:00pm). Say hello to some lovely people, help yourself to the free snacks, then get out your notebook and pen and let the ideas flow with the beer/wine/lime and soda.

Your session leader, Sean, is an experienced creative writing teacher with a degree in creative writing, a masters in literature, and fair bit of experience drinking good beer!

Sean will take you through a series of quick, fun writing games and exercises that will help your writing flow.

You’ll never have to read your work in front of the group. You can just relax. The focus here is on fun.

If you're a serious writer, the sessions are also great for finding new inspiration and mining for new ideas.

But no previous experience of writing is necessary. So if you haven’t put pen to paper in a creative way since primary school, this group is for you, too.

At the end of each session you’ll go home with that lovely warm feeling that comes from sharing a drink and some new ideas among friends.

You’ll also have a free Penguin book to take home with you to give you extra inspiration between sessions.

If you like, you can even join the crew afterwards for a drink and a chat in the pub downstairs before you go home.

Can’t wait to see you there.


Upcoming events (3)

Rants & Bants + BOOZE! An Online Creative Writing Workshop (BYOB).

Online event


***IMPORTANT***: You must sign up and prepay at www.writeandpint.com/workshops to attend this session. ***YOU DO NOT NEED ZOOM VIDEO CONFERENCING APP TO JOIN THIS MEETING***. We will send you an invite 15 minutes prior to the start of the workshop. ***PLEASE DON'T USE YOUR PHONE. PLEASE BE ON YOUR LAPTOP, INSTEAD, AND ENABLE VIDEO AND AUDIO***. ........... Hi everyone, Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are not hosting any of our usual physical workshops. So this is part of a series of special online workshops to help inspire you through the difficult time of "lockdown". For this session, we want you to treat yourself to a drink or two! A beer, a glass of wine, a soft drink - whatever you'd like to bring to the session. The theme of the workshop is going to be Rants & Bants. We will guide you through a series of fun, exciting writing exercises, and will introduce you to some existing rants. We'll get you thinking, drinking, writing, chatting, and connecting in a profound way with your own creative work, so that you leave the session completely rejuvenated and full of ideas. ***ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE OF WRITING IS NECESSARY*** ***THIS GROUP IS OPEN TO PEOPLE OF ALL LEVELS AND THERE WILL NEVER BE ANY PRESSURE TO READ YOUR WORK IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE*** If you want to feel good about yourself, this event is for you. If you want to make forays into a new, serious piece of writing, this event is for you. If you just want to surprise yourself doing something fun and spontaneous, this event is for you! We've been teaching workshops for 4+ years now and can't wait to pass on what we've learned, to help you at this difficult time. *Please note: Our usual workshops are £12. For this one we're asking for only £8. This is because 1) we are not convening in the usual physical space of the workshop, and are not providing snacks, etc., as we usually would, and 2) we're aware that, at this time, money is in slightly shorter supply, with people receiving 80% of their usual paycheck. If you are somebody who is very seriously affected financially by the Coronavirus and would still like to partake somehow, please contact us separately, using our Contact page: https://www.writeandpint.com/contact. Let us know your situation, and we'll see if we can help :)

BURST! - A 4 Week Course in Confidence Building, Anxiety Busting, and much more!

BOOK YOUR SPOT ON THE COURSE HERE: www.writeandpint.com/workshops [*Note: The price for this course is £30 (equivalent to only £7.50 per session)]. Here's the plan: We give you four weeks. Introduce you to a host of techniques to help you build confidence, expand your vision, your family life, social life, your career, and your creativity. Meet us on Zoom at 7.30pm, each Tuesday evening from the 29th September, for four weeks. Let us walk you through it. We’ll share with you a host of exciting excerpts from tried and tested confidence-building guides and personality tests, we'll set you creative exercises, writing about your experience, turning your life problems into solutions, your thoughts into intentions, and your wants and desires into action. By the end of the four weeks, you'll have made huge improvements to your life, whether it's your career, your creativity, your family life, your confidence, or your general wellbeing. This course is structured, friendly, inclusive, and is ***suitable for people who struggle with anxiety, or social anxiety***. There will be no pressure to speak or read out loud in front of the group. You can learn and improve at your own pace. Join us if you want to: 1. Perform better at work 2. Be more confident 3. Make more friends and/or create deeper bonds 4. Be more creative 5. Resolve difficult situations with people in your life 6. Start a new journey in your life, a new chapter, with a thoroughgoing inquiry into where you're headed and what you want going forward. We'll give you all the support, guidance, love, and knowledge you need to make these things happen for yourself. If you’ve been to any of our workshops before, you’ll know we’re an inclusive, friendly group. We promise we’ll never put pressure on anyone to share or read out loud. This is a unique opportunity to learn at your own pace and kick-start your life today. … Text us on[masked] if you have any questions, at all - we're happy to help! or BOOK YOUR SPOT ON THE COURSE HERE: www.writeandpint.com/workshops *Note: no prior creative or therapeutic writing experience is necessary. Each session runs for 1 hour 45 minutes, each Tuesday evening between 7:30pm - 9:15pm. We will send you a Zoom invite each week, 30 minutes before each session. Sessions convene on the following dates: September 29th, then the 6th, 13th, and 20th of October. ... What you will need: yourself + something to write on/with (whether it's a laptop, a computer, or a notepad and pen). … There is officially a no refund policy on this event. Refunding or moving an RSVP to a future event is contingent upon being able to refill the space that you vacate.

Get Professional Feedback for your ***Creative Writing***

Online event

[PLEASE NOTE: this is not a workshop or a meetup. The time and date is merely a filler. Please contact us if you want to arrange a one-to-one meeting. Details below:] Hi there! Are you writing anything at the moment? Why not get some professional feedback to help you improve your work. So far, we’ve helped people with essays, short stories, poems, novels, scripts, and non-fiction books. Our editor (Sean) has more than 5 years of experience as a copywriter, editor, proofreader, and a creative writing workshop host. Whether you’re looking for professional guidance, editing, proof-reading, or general feedback, we’re sure we can help you. Get detailed notes on everything from tone of voice to dialogue, from structure and form to narrative perspective, from vocabulary to grammar, through to general content. Reply here, or text[masked], to let us know about your project. We'll assess the workload and get back to you with a quote in no time. As the great Stephen King once said: “Write with the door closed. Then re-write with the door open”. Improve instantly with your door open to incisive, quality feedback from a professional editor, and start getting your work up to scratch today. www.writeandpint.com *Note: if you text us asking for a quote, there is no obligation to accept our services if you’re not satisfied with the quote you receive.

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