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Write and Pint is a warm and friendly social group for writers and non-writers alike.

It's a relaxed creative writing workshop and a great opportunity to get to know new people by sharing creative ideas over a drink ( ... or two).

We hold our sessions once a week in the upstairs room of one of London’s most historic and characterful pubs.

Come inside (6:30pm) and get yourself a drink at the bar. Make your way upstairs and find a seat (7:00pm). Say hello to some lovely people, help yourself to the free snacks, then get out your notebook and pen and let the ideas flow with the beer/wine/lime and soda.

Your session leader, Sean, is an experienced creative writing teacher with a degree in creative writing, a masters in literature, and fair bit of experience drinking good beer!

Sean will take you through a series of quick, fun writing games and exercises that will help your writing flow.

You’ll never have to read your work in front of the group. You can just relax. The focus here is on fun.

If you're a serious writer, the sessions are also great for finding new inspiration and mining for new ideas.

But no previous experience of writing is necessary. So if you haven’t put pen to paper in a creative way since primary school, this group is for you, too.

At the end of each session you’ll go home with that lovely warm feeling that comes from sharing a drink and some new ideas among friends.

You’ll also have a free Penguin book to take home with you to give you extra inspiration between sessions.

If you like, you can even join the crew afterwards for a drink and a chat in the pub downstairs before you go home.

Can’t wait to see you there.


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SPIRIT & SOUL + Writing + Food + Drinks + a Free Book + Lots of Friendly Faces

Needs a location


[To join us for this workshop, please book at www.writeandpint.com/workshops]

Join us for this unique day-long writing workshop on the theme of Soul & Spirit.

Whoever you are - whatever your level of curiosity - come along for teas/coffees, a late lunch, and lots of mindful writing exercises in between.

Meet some new, friendly people and do something authentic and fun with your post-lockdown freedom.

As always, no experience of writing is necessary. No pressure to read or share your work in front of the group. Nobody will put you on the spot... for anything at all.

Together, we'll be having a look at some theology, mythology, poetry, and discourse around the idea of the "soul" and the "spirit", and we'll be giving you prompts to write your own mindful prose fiction along the way.

We meet at 11am, have a writing workshop, then break for lunch around 2pm, do another, shorter writing workshop, then finish properly at 4pm.

When we're done with our writing, we'll invite you to stay for a drink (this is included in the price, and can be a soft drink, or an alcoholic drink).

If you like, you can stick around to meet other people like yourself, who'd love to know more about writing, London, life, spirituality, creativity... and the wider world.

One way or another, we hope to elevate your mood and help you dig deeper into things that really matter.

You'll even get free Penguin modern classics book!

Text[masked] if you have any questions at all - we're more than happy to help. :)

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